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Upcoming Features

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Upcoming Features

Postby FirefuryAmahira » Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:04 pm

So you might be wondering what we're spending our time on now that the site is in public beta testing. After all, that means everything is in place, right?

Well, the core functions are in place, but there's quite a bit more on the agenda, including, but not limited to:
  • "Cover Art" - You will eventually be able to designate an image as the 'cover' for an entry that will display alongside search results and/or an author's entries list.
  • Email alerts and alerts settings - You'll be able to receive automatic email notices when an author or book you're watching is updated, when someone comments on your work or adds you to their favorites list, and so on. You'll be able to customize which notices you receive so you don't have to deal with notices that you don't particularly care about.
  • Collaborative works - Still in the early planning phase, we're hoping to add functionality to let multiple authors work on the same entry or book.
  • Fanfiction.net story importer - We're working on a tool to enable You-fic users who have an existing account on FFN to import all their work into our system. Obviously there will be a verification process by which we confirm that the FFN account belongs to the You-fic user to prevent abuse or mass-plagiarism.
  • Recommended reading - Say you have a lot of stuff in your bookshelf (your favorites list, essentially) that all share the tag "dragons" or "Harry Potter" or something like that. This tool will select other stories that share those tags and display them at the bottom of the My Account page to help you find other entries that may be relevant to your interests. Or you can ignore them; it's entirely up to you.

So far we haven't uncovered any dire bugs in the system, so we have more time to spend on new functions for the site. As we get nearer to completing various projects, we'll be able to give a more concrete date on when a feature will go live, and we're always open to ideas and suggestions in the aptly named Help and Suggestions forum!
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