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Fanfiction Workshop @ Fanime 2013!

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Fanfiction Workshop @ Fanime 2013!

Postby FirefuryAmahira » Sun May 19, 2013 2:56 am

Bit late on the announcement, but real life has been kicking everybody in the pants lately. But we'll be at Fanime 2013 with a trio of fanfiction workshop panels.

You can find us at:
Fanfiction 101: Friday 7PM - 8PM (Panels 4)
Fanfiction 201: Saturday 1PM - 2PM (Panels 4)
Fanfiction 369 (18+ only): Sunday 9PM - 10PM (Panels 1)

Fanfiction 101 is the crash course in creative writing for fanfiction, with the primary focus on building a plot, specific types of scenes, general writing advice, and so on.

Fanfiction 201 focuses entirely on characters. Whether you're just using the canon cast or you're introducing a bevy of original characters, this one focuses on handling both, as well as creating new villains and how to avoid falling into the clutches of the dreaded Mary Sue.

Fanfiction 369 is an adults-only panel (18+) and Fanime staff will be checking ID at the door. This panel deals exclusively with writing erotic fanfiction, and includes a lecture on the anatomy involved before moving on to suggestions for scripting such a scene, what vocabulary to use, and discussion of how to work with non-humanoid creatures in such scenes.

Hopefully after we get back from the convention, Raynovac can find where he put his notes on site projects, and we can get back to work on that! Definitely in the works is a revamped profile page, and I am going to be demanding better moderation tools, because I just spent the past three hours deleting over 200 adspam bots that blasted the forums in the past two days.
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