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New Feature: Quizilla.com Importer

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New Feature: Quizilla.com Importer

Postby Raynovac » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:37 am

A beta importer for Quizilla has been built to import stories, poems and lyrics from Quizilla.com to You-fic.net.

You can find it under the Writing tab in the Import Manager or you can click the link: http://you-fic.net/UserImport.php

How the Importer works: Quizilla.com
    1. Put the full URL for your quizilla stuff account in the New Imports section Quizilla.com, for example:
    2. Click "Import Quizilla.com Entries". If you have a lot of works, then it will take a couple minutes for the program to get all the info from Quizilla.
    3. The page should refresh with the information on the pending import under "Pending Mod Approval".
    4. Due to Quizilla.com not posting users email addresses, a mod will go to Quizilla.com and send a private message through the site(not the forums). The private message will contain the code. Upon messaging, the import request get moved to Pending User Approval.
    5. Copy and paste the Import Code into the textbox and click "Submit Code". All the entries will be brought in as unpublished so you can check them before publishing.
The books and chapters are created based on categories on the Stuff page, not on the drop downs in entries.
If you have a category with only quizzes or polls, the import will create a empty book.
This will only import Stories, Poems and Lyrics. We are not importing quizzes at this time.

This importer is still a beta. I have tested it fairly thoroughly but users have always been able to find bugs I missed. If you find any bugs, problems or find it difficult to use, please post in the help and suggestions so we can make the necessary adjustments.
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