Now Save Me
Author: EmIsForMax
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-01-17 14:28:17
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MAXIMUM RIDE STORY: An ending story. Takes place after ANGEL.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

Chapter 1

Disclaimer – I do not own Maximum Ride, or the song that says “Don’t let the suuun come down ooon meee” or something along those lines, or LMFAO, or Michael Jackson. Ooor the son Beautiful Monster. Ugh.

So, umm hi! This is my first story ever so I have no fricking idea of how does this work, but hey, I try! This story has mayor OOCness. Sorry, but I need it to have the plot make sense lol! And this may sound weird, but I already have a writer’s block. Saaad.

Fang: *laughs maniaticaly*

Me: What’s your problem?

Fang: *smirks at me*

Me: Ugh. I just hate it when you don’t talk. AT ALL. Could you just at least tell the readers why are you here?

Fang: *sights* Long story short–she kidnapped me.

Me: FANG!! *glares at him* I told you before to use the false story, not the real one. GRRR...

Fang: *grins at me* Then next time don’t ask me to say something.

Me: Whatever, your Emo Majesty.

Fang: I’m. Not. Emo. *gives me the Death Glare*

Me: HA! It has no effect on me! HA! HA! HA HAHA HAHA!

Fang: *looks at me in a ‘WTH?!’ way*

Me: You have to admit it. I creep you out.

Fang: *looks at me in a ‘no! seriously?’ way*

Me: *my Evil Grin* If I freak you out now, just wait until the end of the chapter...

Fang: Oh crap.

Toto: You said it man. Crap.

Fang: WAIT. Why can your dog talk in here? It’s more than enough with Total.

Me: Well, let’s just say... I found Toto in the park... *wink*

Fang: O...k...?

Toto: Yeah... And, Fang?

Fang: Yeah?

Toto: Could we sometime arrange a meeting with me and Total? I’d like to get to know him. We could be friends, you know, I like the fine arts and modern culture too, but I’m not as annoying as him...

Fang: I’ll talk to hi–wait. How do you know all that about Total?

Toto: ...I have my methods...

Me: *whispers to Fang* He’s reading the books.

Fang: Oh.

Me: And Fang, I think you are really hot. Seriously. Totally. Sexy. Mmm... *starts drooling*

Toto: NO!!! Don’t feed his already-too-big ego!!!

Fang: *smirk* I’m sexy and I know it *wink*

Toto: -facepaw-


Chapter 1: The sun goes down on me.


Have you seen a sunset while you were sitting on the roof of your super cool house in Colorado when you saved the World and all of the people living in it a year ago? No? Well, I don’t know you, but there’s just something relaxing about it.

Okay, I’m going to tell you what happened for the past year since I feel that you may be lost here:

After Fang and his Gang had left us when we thought we lost Angel; Jeb, my mom and Ella came with an unconscious Angel with them. Ella never gave herself wings, thank God. I saved the world, and Dr. Gunther-Hagen died, but Dylan stayed alive, so he stayed with us. Ange woke up a few days later, she recovered quickly, and she went back to act like my baby, so I called Fang back, and he came alone and joined us. ‘Cause, you know, if there’s no world to save anymore, Fang can distract me all the time he wants... The Flock (including Dylan and Total) had gone back to our house in Colorado, but Mom, Akila and Ella decided to stay in Arizona and come visit us once in a while. A year has passed and no Erasers, Flyboys, or M-Geeks had appeared, so we just had a “normal” life. You already know why I placed the quotes around “normal”. Now, these are our ages: Me, Fang, and Iggy are 16, Nudge is 13, Gazzy is 10 and Angel is 8.

So now I was sitting in the roof, watching the sunset. God, it was beautiful. Just a small tip of the sun was visible between the mountains. Oh, never mind, it’s already gone. The sky is painted with an orange/light maroon around the summits of the range, followed by a purpleish salmon with white, small, puffy clouds all over it, and then a blue, oceanic turquoise that looked pretty much like Dylan’s eyes.

Wait. What? Why am I thinking about Dylan? I thought. I hate Dylan. I love Fang. Fang. Hmmm...

And just when I was about to have another episode of Fantasies with Fang, I heard an almost imperceptible whoosh behind me. But I already knew who it was. I pretended I didn’t hear him, but I already had a smirk on my face. When I could feel that he was just behind me, I turned around to look at Fa–Dylan? WAIT WAIT WAIT. Hold on a sec. What is Dylan doing here? And why is he almost as silent as Fang? And why isn’t Fang here? And what am I doing here if Dylan just came? Why am I not with Fang?

You were with him just a while ago, before Iggy interrupted and asked help on the kitchen. Said my own voice in my head, not The Voice. Fang went but you obviously didn’t want to help, fearing the house would explode if you did. Duh. Think a bit, would you?

I rolled my eyes at that thought and threw myself to the canyon. But of course, Dylan followed me.

I went in warp drive to lose him. I looked back–he’s not there anymore! Yay! I slowed down and landed on a nearby tree to continue my Fantasy... Wait, did I really just say that? Scratch it out. ... You know what? I don’t care. Fang has been my boyfriend since I saved the world and I’m not ashamed of it. I love him! I. Love. Fang. Happy?

I folded my wings and looked for a place to sleep or something. I layed down between two branches, just as the hairs on my neck stood up. I froze–until I heard a “Wake up, sleeping beauty.” It was Dylan. UGH! Can’t he just leave me alone? “Go. Back. To. Sleep.” I said in a deep, slow voice. I really hoped Dylan had seen that episode. If not, then my joke was ruined.

I was just sick of him sneaking around, scaring me, or making me think he’s someone else. I unfurled my wings fast enough to make him stumble back and for me to go into warp drive back to the house without him noticing. But, again, of course, he noticed.

I landed in front of the house, and as I was grabbing the doorknob, I felt a strong hand —Dylan— grab my arm as he turned me to face him. How did he get here so fast? Was my first thought. But then I realized I was in front of Dylan, waaay too close to his face. “Why don’t you love me?” he said, his voice almost sounding like he was heartbroken. Almost.

“Paint a forest and get lost!” I snapped at him. “Get! Off! From! Me!” I screamed, really loud, trying to pull my arm away in unison with every word. But it was too late. Holycrapholycrapholycrap... was all I could think about as he slipped his hands around my waist and kissed me hard. ohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod ew ew ew ew EW EW EWWW!! I could literally feel his tongue going down my throat. I wanted to barf. Seriously. Right then, into his mouth. That would have been a nice payback. Then he slipped his hands down my waist and, well... He squeezed my butt. He was a pig. A really sick, sexist pig. It was just gross.

He finally let go off my hand, and I slapped his cheek as hard as I could —although my arms almost couldn’t move—. I know, that slap was too girly, but I was in shock, and Dylan didn’t seem hurt. He looked... hungry. Not to say something else and scare the little kids... I did my best to push him away, but he was holding me tight. Like a Death Grip. Like a Bear Hug. Like that time when I tried to choke Iggy to death when he started to say things about me and Fang that DIDN’T HAPPEN to the younger ones. But this was worse. Because when I looked up to the front door, I saw Fang, watching us, pain and betrayal reflected in his face... and he had a knife in his hand...


Wow. My first chapter and I already give you guys a cliffhanger! This chapter is for all you Dylan-haters out there! I’m one! You know I’m baaad, I’m baaad, You know it, yeah!


Me: MUAHAHAHAHA! You get to know what you do in the next chapter...

Fang: That sounded really stupid... and redundant...

Toto: Yeah... You should probably don’t say anything like that again...

Me: Maybe, but III dooon’t miiind, in faact III liike iiiit...

Fang: *whispers to Toto* Does she always sing phrases?

Toto: Yeah, it’s annoying... I really think it’s a syndrome or something.

Fang: Maybe. *sigh*

Me: *still singing* wohoow! She’s a mooonsteeer!! Beautiful mooonsteeer!..

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Chapter 2

Okay my people! Chapter 2 up! Yay! And in the same day!! You should be grateful!

Toto: -.- This chapter is the exact same thing as the first one but in Fang’s POV...

Me: Oh shut up! I worked really hard!

Toto: Sure thing...

Me: I can almost feel the sarcasm dripping off your comment Toto.

Toto: Yeah, Em—


Toto: Oops... Well then now we will call you Em, sounds good?

Me: Okay.

Fang: IwanttodisclaimIwanttodisclaimIwanttodisclaim!

Me: OKAY OKAY! But please SHUT UP!

Fang: She doesn’t own anything! Well. Maybe the plot, and this umbrellas dancing beside me... *starts to dance* Uh. Uh. Work it, Totes! Yeeeah!

Toto: wow... I never thought I would live to hear someone shut Fang up... And what the fnick is wrong with him???

Me: I gave Fang Valium because he was having an anger attack.

Toto: And why would he have an anger attack, may I ask?

Me: He started to think too much about Dylan...

Toto: Oh...

Fang: COME AT ME BRO! You stupid, evil marshmallow! *starts punching one of my pillows*

Toto: ...maybe you gave him a little too much...

Me: Yeah... Guess you’re right... But you have to admit that it’s fun!

Toto: Indeed...

Fang: *stops punching my pillow* oh Max! I didn’t know it was a costume! IM SOOOOO SOOOORYYY!!!! *gets to his knees and starts begging* Forgive me!! *takes the cover out of the pillow* You forgive me? Really? Oh thank you! I love you!!! *starts making out with my pillow* ...You taste funny... and your tongue tickles me... *giggles*

Me: :O wow... I had never heard Fang giggle. That was W-E-I-R-D.

Toto: I couldn’t have said it in wiser words...

Me: By the way... I LOST! ...who plays The Game too? *evil grin*


Chapter 2: Downward

Fang POV

God. Max. Max. She is so beautiful. I would die if I couldn’t see her in a day. I love her, and she finally admitted that she still loved me after I left the flock with my gang. Hmmm... I wonder what happened to them after I left... Meh, I don’t care. They almost bored me to death. I was glad Max saved the world fast so I could just leave them. But don’t take it the wrong way. It’s not that I hate them, it’s just that they weren’t my family. The Flock was my family, and they would always be my family.

“Hey, you two!” Iggy said to Max and I. “I need help in the kitchen. Gaz is already there, but I need more recruits” He continued. I knew Max wouldn’t want to go, ‘cause she hates to cook. And we all hate her cooking. So, I said, “’Kay man, I’ll help you out. See ya, Maxie" I told Max and planted a quick kiss on her cheek. She smiled and said “M’kay, but hurry up. I can’t wait” Then she whispered to me, “I wasn’t talking about the food," She gave me a wink and left.

“I heard what she said, ya know?” Iggy told me with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes. “So, what do you want me to do?” I asked once we were in the kitchen. He sighed and I spotted Gazzy, making juice in the blender. “Hi Fang!” He said. “Hey Gaz.” I responded.

“Fang” Iggy said, bringing a knife and little bottles with him. When did he go to get the things? I didn’t notice him searching for them “I need you to cut this piece of meat in squares and sprinkle these, these, and these in it” He said while he signaled to a raw steak and gave me the knife and the bottles, that now that I saw, contained spices. “I need to make the sauce, so don’t chop off your finger. I won’t be looking out for you” He told me. “You know, metaphorically” He added and rolled his eyes. I chuckled at that in my head.

I was glad Iggy didn’t let his blindness stand in his way. It always made me happy to hear him joke about it. And I know this will sound mushy and un-me-like, but he is truly a model of getting over bad situations and not worrying about troubles or anything. Sometimes I wished I was like him. I sometimes exagerate everything. Okay, well, not sometimes, ALWAYS. It's hard for me to get over something, even if in the outside I already did. 

After like maybe ten minutes of preparing Iggy’s famous Meat with White, Hot, Sauce Thingy (according to Nudge), I heard clicking in the floor behind me, so I turned around to see Total looking at us and wagging his tail. “Oooh, that smells delicious. I’m really hungry now. I can’t wait” Then he went up the stairs. “You know” Iggy said in my ear. “I bet he wasn’t talking about the food either” I smacked the back of his head, but he was still grinning. God-dang it, he won’t leave me alone about my relationship with Max. One day, he started telling the kids about that he SUPOSEDLY had seen Max in my room and we were... well, you can guess what he "saw"—that, may I ad, DIDN'T HAPPEN. The poor innocent children had been traumatized for two days straight until Max and I fixed it. We ended up with a really annoyed Iggy tied up to a chair, tortured with makeup, and finally telling them that he was just joking. I was finished cutting the meat in squares when...

...I heard a cry from outside. “Paint a forest and get lost!” a girl’s voice said, so faint I could just barely hear it. “Get! Off! From! Me!” Now I was sure who she was. It was Max. A thousand scenarios played in my head as I sprinted from the kitchen, to the living room, to the front door. I didn’t even bother to leave the knife behind, ‘cause if it was Ari or any other Eraser or something, I could easily chop their heads off. I must give it to Iggy, this thing is very sharp. He would kill me if I ruined it with Eraser flesh and blood, but I didn’t care. I just wanted Max safe.

But what I saw was not even in the possible things that could have happened that occurred to me.

Dylan was holding Max really close. Then he smashed his mouth into hers. She looked terrified. He seemed... ecstatic. But Max didn’t move. She didn’t fight off Dylan. When they broke apart, she slapped his cheek, but his head didn’t even move sideways. She didn’t hit him hard. Not even a bit hard. I started to become red with anger. I could feel my face getting warmer and warmer.

I was utterly furious with Dylan. What the f- was HIS problem??? He knew that Max and I were together. And he seemed okay with it, until now.

My fists started to clench and unclench, and that’s when I felt a hard handle in my right hand—the knife. I smirked to myself. I was glaring to both of them unconsciously. Heh heh. It's a gift.

“Fang...” Max started, but I ignored her. I would be mad at her after finishing off Dylan. Red tinted my vision. I was fuming. Before I even knew what I was doing, I lunged for him, the knife in my hand. By now, every other member of the Flock (including Total) was crowded at the door, watching.

I threw the knife in a sideways swing to Dylan’s head, but he ducked. I took advantage of my inertia and kept turning, throwing my hand with the knife to Dylan’s head again. He blocked me, and kicked me with his knee on my stomach. Ow. The air left my lungs, but I forced myself to suck in oxygen and keep going. Everything else that wasn’t Dylan or my knife wasn’t important to me now. I turned my hand and grabbed his arm, pinning it behind him, and bringing the knife to his throat. But then, I heard Max cry out to me “Fang! What’s wrong with you?! Stop it! Please!” Her voice breaking, sounding as if she was about to cry.

Something inside of me shattered right then.

Into a million pieces.

Unreparably broken.


Max was worried about Dylan? She never would kill anyone or anything, but she knew that I could and I would. And he just forced her into a heavy make-out session.



I was totally confused now. And miserable.

She doesn't love you... Said a creepy little voice in my head. Sudden realization made me stumble backwards.

I loosened my grip and the knife dropped out of my hands. The Flock knew better than to mess with me at this moment, so they were still watching at the door. Well, not in Iggy’s case, but...

I turned to see Max, and she had a very worried look on her face, almost sad. And I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t. My eyes started to get watery. She never really loved me, did she? The girl who I have always loved, was protecting a guy who raped her face in front of me. I turned away and sprinted into the nearest cliff. I knew she was coming behind me. So I stopped in front of the drop. The cliff was several hundred feet high. I looked down. God, Max, why did you do this to me?

I turned around just in time to see Max approaching me. And she stopped. She looked at me. A tear went down my face. “Fang?” She asked, sounding as heartbroken as I was. This was maybe the first time she saw me cry. I sent her a look that lasted only a second but said, You broke my miserable heart into painful little pieces. You happy?

I took a deep breath, and let myself drop down the cliff. With my wings tucked tightly in.

There were rough rocks at the bottom, but my tears blurred my vision. Stupid emotions. I hate them! They got me into this... I thought. I knew I was going to die if I didn’t open my wings, but I was in a state of shock and utter sadness that I could barely manage to control my actions. One small part of me knew that I was just doing this to scare off Max, but most of me was taking this suicide attempt very seriously.

I kept falling and falling, gaining speed quickly. I could see Max jump off the cliff following me. Not only was she falling, she was flying downward.

She got to me quickly, but I refused to look at her. I just stared at the ground coming near us really fast. Then she grabbed my wrist. And when I tried to shake her off, she didn’t let go.

And I knew she wouldn’t.

I cursed inwardly. If she didn’t let go, she was going to die with me. Kind of Romeo-and-Juliet-ish. I didn’t want her to die because of me. I loved her too much. But she didn’t love me back. And that’s why I hated myself.

I snapped my wings open, wincing at the pain of the air suddenly catching in them. The ground was a few feet below us now. Then I shot upward as fast as I could, loosing Max’s grip on my hand.

I tried to fly faster than her so we didn’t have to talk, and honestly I didn’t want to see her, see her face, her hair, her body, her smile, her eyes, ever again. The Max I loved so much. It was just too painful to see.

I guess she entered warp drive to get to me because not even a second had passed when I felt her grab my shoulders and turn me around to face her.

When our gazes met, I felt like if a steel knife had cut my chest slowly and painfully, leaving my heart exposed for the vultures to eat what was left of it. Yeah, I should become a poet.

“Fang, did you listen to me?” She asked angry, but sad, but annoyed at the same time. I honestly hadn’t noticed she was talking until then.

“What do you want?” I said, sounding maybe a bit too harsh that what I expected.

“Would you just listen to me!” She almost-screamed. I honestly didn’t want to hear her say anything at all. So I sighed, and flew back to the house, ignoring Max.

When I got near the house, I was welcomed with ten pairs of curious eyes looking at me (almost looking in Iggy’s case). Where the heck was that douchebag of Dylan?

I entered my room from the window to avoid the crowded and curious front door. I locked the window. I just wanted to go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I did not just think that. But you know what? Of course I did think that. I felt exhausted, and for no apparent reason. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. And when I was just about to lock my door, Douche-Dyl came running into my room and punched me in the face. My head shot upward. Ouch. I think he broke my nose. He closed the door behind him and locked it. Bastard.

But I was too tired to fight. It felt almost as if I couldn’t control my killer instinct and I just stood there like an idiot. Then, with rage in his face, he spinned and did a roundhouse kick to my stomach.

I winced as my breath escaped from me. I doubled over, clutching my stomach in pain. I heard a lot of footsteps running toward my room. Then I heard as if someone was trying to force open the door (Iggy, I guess) but then Max’s voice demanded him “Iggy go get your lock-picking stuff now!” I heard him run away.

Now, I had the motivation to kick Dylan's butt, but just not the capacity. Then, Dylan grabbed my shoulders and kicked my stomach repeatedly with his knee. I groaned loudly every time he did. God, he was strong. Maybe even stronger than me. “Ass-hole...” He muttered with every two knee-kicks. With that strength, he could easily be an Eraser.

I heard running again outside my room. “Hurry, hurry!” Max demanded. I could hear a faint clicking in the doorknob as it slightly turned right and left, right and left...

Just as I was getting hope from being saved, Dylan took the knife I used to attack him from his back pocket. Oh no. No no no no no no no. This was bad. As in, BAD. I didn’t have enough strength to even stand up, and much less to defend myself.

Dylan smirked at me, just as he stabbed my stomach (What’s up with him against my stomach?) with the knife. “AAAAAAH!” I screamed. I heard gasping and sobbing outside. Oh my God, did it hurt! He started slowly turning the knife, still inside of me. “GAAAH!” I screamed again. This was the most painful thing I have ever experienced, and believe me, I have been in pretty painful situations before. This was killing me. Maybe literally.

He finally took the knife out, and I landed my hands on the floor, choking back screams. I couldn’t help groaning loudly. "NNGH!" I said/groaned patheticly. I took one hand to clutch at my stomach, just as tears of agony rolled down my cheeks. Wow, I cried two times in one day. That has to be a record.

My eyes began to flutter closed unconsciously. I was gasping for air. Then the door swung open.

Dylan turned to face the entire Flock. Everyone looked totally shocked. But Max woke up from her coma pretty quickly. She first punched the offspring out of him, if you know what I mean. And then, with another strong, solid punch to the face, Dylan went down. He didn't came back up.

I landed sideways on the floor. My world was fading away, and I was loosing my control over my body. I could feel a waterfall of blood under my hand. I took a look at my stomach. I couldn’t see the cut because of the shirt, but my clothes were soaked in blood from my neck down to my knees. There was a pool of blood in the floor beside me. So I guessed it was pretty bad.

“Fang?! Fang!” Max said as she knelt beside me. I started to shudder violently. Was it me or it was getting very cold here? Then Iggy knelt beside her and ripped off my shirt, scanning my cut with his sensitive fingers. I saw extreme worry in his face, and he started to panic. “M-Max?” He said, his voice cracking.

But that was all I could hear before I started to black-out.

Angel, tell Max I’m sorry, and I love you all. I thought as hard as I could.

Fang, don’t die... She told me, her voice sounding heartbroken and about to cry off the Nile.

Then everything went black.


Me: And here you have it, a peek inside Fang's mind.

Toto: ...Terrifying... *starts to shake in sarcastic fear*

Me: I think my favorite phrase in these chappie was “He raped her face in front of me”, or something like that.

Toto: Mine was “This was killing me. Maybe literally”.

Me: Oh, you and your drama... ...And those are two sentences...

Toto: Oh who cares? Gosh, Fang and his incredibly short sentences... *starts growling*

Me: Well, if you guys think what happened in this chapter was very un-Fang-like, its because, 1) he has changed over time, and 2) he told you at the beggining, he exagerates EVERYTHING, and I guess now he let it out. Gosh...

Toto: Well, I guess he'll have to practice bottling up his emotions more often if he wants to avoid that.

Me: ...If he doesn't die... *evil smirk*

Toto: Oh come on, we all know that you wouldn't kill off Fang. You love him too much.

Me: *smirking* That's what you think...

Toto: 0.0 *gulp*

Me: And what do I see really hidden in there...? Is that... Mylan?

Toto: Nah, you want to go to Dylan and break his arms so they are backwards, then chop off his wings and... other manly limbs... and then thow him off a rocky cliff over a shore so if he doesn't die with the rocks at the bottom, he will drown, and if he doesn't, then the seagulls can eat up his guts.

Me: Shut up! I was trying to create suspense! I love suspense. ...But you're right, I really hate Douche-Dyl.


Chapter 3

So, chapter 3, huh?

Well, last time I left you a cliffy so I'm not going to bore you to death with a long A/N.



Chapter 3: Stupid realization.


"Nudge, when will mom get here?" I said to her, getting impatient quick. The life of the boy I love is in danger.

"She s-said she would g-get here soon..." she said between silent sobs.

After I hopefully left Dylan without descendance, Fang had become unconscious, so Iggy and I tried to stop the bleeding. But let me tell you, you could have made a lifetime's supply of smoothies for vampires with all the blood he was loosing. Okay, maybe not literally, but he had lost too much. And Iggy, being the Flock's doctor said we definitely had to take him to the hospital. So I made Nudge call my mom to take us to the nearest one.

Nudge had been crying for a little while, but then she regained her composture and did what I told her to do. I was about to hyperventilate. Gazzy seemed like he was about to kill Dylan. Oh I love that kid so much. Iggy was really nervous and twitchy, his hands were shaking and his eyes reflected so much worry. Angel seemed to be the most affected member. Maybe Fang had told her something with his mind, or maybe now she could see the future, with Fang dead...

No, I couldn't think about it. But when Iggy and I were burying Fang's cut in clothes, I could feel his pulse for a moment, and it was way too slow. Even with my raptor vision, I couldn't see his chest rise when he breathed.

I started to hear faint beeping sounds, and I quickly recognized them as my mom's car's horn. 

"Igs, help me get him to the car." I said as I lifted Fang's head and placed his arm over my neck. Iggy then grabbed his legs and we went outside to meet my mother and Ella in their car.

The Flock didn't fit all in my mom's car, so I told Iggy and Angel to go with Fang and that we would follow by air.

Just as the car started to go away, we took off. First Gazzy, then Nudge, and last but not least, moi.

The flight to the hospital was silent. Until yours truly broke it.

"Hey guys, I know that scene of Fang... that way on the floor, was kind of traumatizing, but don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. He's gonna be fine." I tried to say reasuringly.

"How do you know that?" Gazzy said. What? "How do you know he's gonna be fine?" He said again.

"Gaz, when have I been wrong about something?" I said kind of jokingly, with a fake grin on.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" He told me, looking directly into my eyes, with his eyes a bit narrowed. What was up with him?

"And may I ask why are you so angry and why are you throwing it to me?" I said in my best annoyed-mother voice.

His face softened, and became sad, "It's just that... I knew that Dylan was a problem. I just knew. Max, I—it's a new skill, I think... I'm not really sure how it works, but it started a while ago. It's like intuition. It's almost as if I can feel the future." He said, not looking at me, in the most mature voice I've heard from him, which made him seem years older and wiser.

Feel the future? Wow! That has to be good. I wanted to know more, how did he knew, and when exactly did it started, and so much more, but... I just didn't know exactly what to say. So, to sum it all up, I said, "Wow. Tell me more about it." I said, kind of curious about this new skill. 

So about ten minutes of talking, Gazzy's sadness seemed to fade away—at least for now. He told me that it started like two weeks ago, but he didn't knew what it was, so he ignored it, until yesterday this, sensation of a coming problem with Dylan was too much, so he started to talk to Iggy about it—I'll have to ask Iggy about it later—and Gaz told him not to tell anyone, specially me or Fang about this feeling of his, not until he was sure it was a new skill. So now he was sure, and he had just proved it.

"But, Max?" He told me after this explanation.


"I'm regreting the fact that I didn't tell you, or Fang, because this could have been avoided. God, I feel so guilty!" He said closing his eyes shut.

"No no no Gaz, it's not your fault. If it is anyone's fault, it's Dylan's." Just saying his name felt like acid in my tongue. "He was the one who did this to Fang, not you. So don't feel guilty." And it was the truth. It wasn't his fault.

And then I noticed something—Nudge hadn't talked since we left. 

And that meant just one thing.

When Nudge didn't talk it meant that something was terribly wrong going on with her. And given the circumstances, it was something I should have expected.

"Nudge, why so serious?" I said in the best imitation of the Joker I could make. Gazzy giggled. Nudge just smiled for a second before putting on her thoughtfull face again.

"Dunno." She said in a sweet, innocent voice. I swear, if that voice was a look, it would most definitely be the bambi eyes.

"Sweety, he's going to be okay. You'll—" I stopped talking when I saw Nudge's face. It was totally shocked, and worried.

"Uh, Max?" She said slowly.

"What happened? Are you okay?" My motherly instincts kicking in.

"You realize we left Dylan alone in the house, do you?" 

Oh crap.


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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Trap.

Dylan POV


My head hurt like hell.

What happened?

I remember Fang, with a knife... Me sneaking into his room... Max mentioning a hospital... Passing out... Oh, I remember now.

That imbecile attacked me.

I just fought back.

I honestly expected for Fang to be THAT weak. I mean, how stronger than ME can a normal birdkid with no official combat training and no steroids be?

I opened my eyes slowly and realized I was lying on Fang's room's floor. That sounded weird. "Fang's room's"... Anyway...

I tried to sit up, just as a terrible pain went through my you-know-what. Yeah, the pain from Max's punch hadn't gone away.

Which means I haven't been lying here unconscious for long.

Which means the stupid Flock is probably not even near the hospital they went to.

Which means I FINALLY have time to pull up the trap I had to make two weeks ago. 

----some time later----

"Trap's ready. Come in. I'm going back," I said to my pen. My microphone pen He gave me. 

"Sending three sets of Alphas. They'll be there in 20 minutes," It responded to me.

Alphas are His inventions. Each set has a hundred Alphas. This should be nice, I smirked to myself.

At last, Max would be mine.

And I could have a special treat.

Fang would finally die.

Half an hour later


I don't have time for this.

I know Fang would kill me if he knew I prefered to be with him than to check if Dylan hadn't completely destroyed the house.

But I couldn't leave him.

Not in this condition.

Nudge had been talking a bit more, and Gazzy didn't seem so guilty now. Things were working out here.

When we finally got to the hospital, Iggy and I carried Fang through Emergencies as carefully as we could manage. My mom had some CSM friends working at this hospital so nobody asked questions and Fang soon was in an operation room.

Oh God we made it.

Fang's here. 

He's gonna be fine now.

I went with everyone to the waiting room. The little ones and mom took the only benches left, while me, Iggy, and Ella stood beside.

Tension was building up.

After a while of stressed silence, Nudge squeezed to one side and let Ella sit next to her in the same seat. They chatted silently, just like Gazzy and Angel with my mom.

Iggy sighed and sat on the floor, mouth partly opened. His eyes looked more lost than ever.

So I sat down next to him, hugging my knees.

"You knew about Gazzy's new skill and you didn't tell me?" Good Max. So smooth.

He faked a hurt expression "Oh Maximum! How would I ever do such a thing to you?" I punched his shoulder slightly. And when I say slightly, I mean hard. He chuckled. Then grinned, "He told you about it, didn't he?" he said softly. "Yeah, in our way here," I said.

"Well, he did tell me, but I didn't thought it was a skill. That's why I told him to keep quiet until he was sure," he said slowly.

"You should've told me," I said slightly annoyed.

"Well we didn't. Past is past. You can't change it," his tone was as annoyed as mine.

I sighed. "Too true."

We sat there in comfortable silence for about five minutes, until...

"I hate this," he said. "I hate being useless."

I was shocked.

"Iggy," I started, "We all hate that feeling. And your're not useless. You did what you could do. The wound was too deep, none of us could have done something better." I said with a small smile.

"...Yeah," but he didn't sound too convinced. 

Oh Iggy.

Don't tell me you have low self-esteem.

"Family of Nicholas Ride?" said a nurse as she entered the waiting room. She had olive-tanned skin, dark brown hair in a bun, green eyes and glasses.

"FYI, it's Fnick." Iggy told her with a serious face plastered on.


My Iggy is back.

The nurse looked at him weird, then I stood up and said, "We are his family. How is he?"

"He lost five liters of blood. He'll need donaters. I can't believe he's still alive." she told us.

He's alive.

We all sighed in relief.

Almost in unison.

"When can we see him?" Angel said.

"He's still in Recovery. We have him sedated so he can rest without feeling too much pain. He'll wake up tomorrow morning. You guys can sleep here or in his room if you want to."

I looked back to my Flock and family.

"His room." They all agreed.

I turned back to the nurse and nodded.

"Okay, follow me." She signaled us to come with her, so we all stood up and followed through a series of hallways, turns, and stairs until we got to Fang's room.

The only thing was...

He wasn't there.

It was like every other hospital rooms, but there was no gurney. 

"Where is he?" I asked the nurse.

"I told you, he's still in Recovery, but we will bring him soon. We just need some of you to donate blood for him." 

"Okay Igs, that's you and me," I told my fellow bomber. He saluted me and yelled "Max, yes Max! Lets just forget all traumatizing needdle-involving events and do this thing! For the sake of Fnick!" he said with a smirk. I am so going to 'traumatize' him when we're done...

The nurse took us to a smaller room. She took some blood. ...Scratch that. She took industrial quantities of blood. She gave us some apple juice. She took us back.

Me and Iggy were dizzy after giving up that much blood, at least my head was spinning like a top. But the juice was helping. Besides, we were hungry, so maybe the dizziness wasn't all about the lost blood. Apple juice always helps.

After maybe one hour of random chatter and utter boredoom, Nudge said, "I know Fang will be angry, because, you know, he hates being the center of attention, he's the shy guy, ooh that rhymed! Shy Guy! I'll use it in the future! Anyway, he'll be kind of pissed if we are still here, remember Max? What I told you when we were in our way here? Dylan's still at, home, so, we..." she stopped herself when she saw our expressions.

I hadn't remembered that until now. My mouth was a big "O". And so was everyone else's.

"Oh my God." said Ella, totally shocked.

"I don't think that's good..." Gazzy added.

"It's definitely not." said mom.

"What are we gonna do?" Angel asked me.

"'We' sounds like a lot of people. I'll go by myself, you guys take care of Fang while I'm gone." I quickly stood up from our little circle on the floor.

"No, Max," said Iggy as he stood up too. "I know firsthand how badly a pissed-off-Dylan can injure. I'm not leaving you alone with that... clone." I guess he just remembered that my mom and minors were present.

"Thanks Iggy, but I don't want you to get hurt either. I'm going alone." I told him.

"I said no, Max," he said. I stared wide-eyed. This is new... "No." he repeated. 

"Yeah," Gazzy added, "I don't think you should go alone."

"Fine, but just you, Ig. We'll be back by tomorrow, tops." I said as I opened the door and quickly walked the same path we took when we came in and got outside in a minute.

It was late. The sun had just set over the mountains.

I took off and Iggy followed a few seconds behind.

With normal flight we will get home in about half an hour. 

With warp drive I get there in like 5 minutes.

...That gives me an idea.

I slowed down a little so I was flying directly over Iggy, my downstrokes matching with his. 

He looked confused. "What are you doing?" he told me. 

"Trust me, I have an idea! Give me your hand." I lowered my arm so it was inches from his head. 

"Oh great..." I could barely make out. Ha-ha...

"Oh just give me your hand!"

"Okay mommy, but don't spank me." he said in a kid's voice. He is seriously pissing me off right now.

He gave me his hand. 

"Attention passengers," I said in the best mature voice I could make, "I'm afraid to inform you that this will be a bumpy flight. Hold on, Igs!"

And I entered warp drive.

You HAD to SEE his FACE.

It went from annoyed, to surprised, to worried, to amused, to oh-my-God-this-is-so-cool! in about 2 seconds.

It was hilarious!

But the warp flight was slower than normal. You know, the extra weight. 

But we still made it like 7 minutes.

When we landed, Iggy said, "Aww mommy! I want to go again!" I smacked his head. "Ow! That was uncalled for!" he said.

"Sure thing," I told him.

When we were at the door, I was about to turn the doorknob, when Iggy stopped me.

"What the—" I said, but he started sniffing the air. 

"Gasoline." he said in a no-nonsense tone. "Too much of it. All over the house." He looked worried. You have to believe in the pyro. But...

"We still need to go in."

"Yeah, but wait—"

Too late, I opened the door.

Everything looked perfectly fine.

Except for the tiny little detail that everything was soaked in gasoline.

Floors, curtains, couches, the TV, counter, kitchen, tables, chairs, lamps, stairs, carpet... EVERYTHING.

"Max, let's get out of here! You can guess that he will burn this place down." Iggy said from behind.

"Well then we have to find him and—" I said just as a pair of hairy claws grabbed my mouth, and then pinned my arms behind me, pushing me to the floor.

"Iggy!" I said with my cheek against the ground.

"Max! What are these?" He asked me since he couldn't see them.

They looked Eraserish... "Look like Erasers but more—nngh!" I said as the one holding me kneed me in the gut. Owch. These guys were definitely stronger than Erasers.

"You okay?" Iggy asked, but he got punched in the stomach too. I heard a loud crunch as he started to wheeze for air.

"Iggy?" I said as low as I could. I knew he heard it, but I hoped those heavy bacons with feet wouldn't. Aparently they didn't.

"No... Air," he said as he tried to suck in air, "Think I have... Broken ribs..." He was getting his air back into his lungs, but his face reflected so much pain. Poor Iggy. Obviously they had hit him much harder than they had hit me. What a bunch of gentlemen...

I started to try to get off from this guy's grip, but it was not helping. I pushed and kicked and punched at anything in my reach. It wasn't working.

I looked around, and more of these new Erasers were getting in the house, and they were pouring more gasoline on every single corner.

There were dozens of dozens of them. 

And there were even more coming in.


I was starting to become sick with the smell of gasoline.

"Max, I—My room... Explosives, bombs, detonators... That gasoline is not good news..." Iggy said so faintly I could barely listen.

Oh no.

God save us all.

If Iggy's room has as much gasoline as there is in the living room, the world is doomed.

And just then, Mr. Rape-Your-Face came in, he took two chairs from the dinner table, and placed them in front of us. 

Then those bulldozers placed us gently, right, me on one chair and Iggy in the other. They tied us up to the chairs and then covered our mouths. That is sooo last year. 

I sounded just like Nudge. Nudge. Oh my goodness... What if they were attacked too? What if they are here also? Or what if they’re somewhere else? Is Fang really okay? Or had they tricked us? It wouldn’t be the first time...

My brain was starting to overload with so much thought.

Dylan was pathetic. But not so much...

The pathetic part was when they placed a camera in front of us and got ready to film a kidnap tape.

"Okay," said Dylan, "Time to give Fangy-poo a heart attack."



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Me: Shut up! You’re always hungry!

Toto: You got a problem with that?!

Me: Actually I do. I waste more money than I should on your food.

Toto: NO YOU DON’T!!!

Me: You say that because you don’t buy it...

Toto: ...Touché.

Me: You eat more than me! And you don’t get fat! NEVER!

Toto: ...

Me: HOW DO YOU DO IT??????

Toto: Haha! I won’t tell you!

Me: Fine. Don’t tell me, but I’m taking you to the vet to see what the problem is.

Toto: YAAAY!!! The vet!!!!!!! ^.^

Me: ...He’s not joking. He loves to go to the vet...

Toto: Why shouldn’t I?

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Toto: ...Yeah... *shivers* 

Me: ...And he also raped my leg... *twitch*



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Toto: Well, in vacations you normally wake up at noon so...

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Toto: *applause* Oh you are so philosophical... *tear of pride*


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Chapter 5: Heart attacks.

Fang POV


It was all I felt. Not even my arms, legs, or wings... Just pain. 



Gosh it hurts so much. 

Damnit, Dylan. I'm gonna kill you.

Eventually, really slooowly, my soul came back to my body, and I could actually move. I felt where I was, and I almost gasped in shock. 

A hospital bed. 

Maybe from the School. 


I forced open my eyes but then had to shut them closed thanks to all that brightness. When I got used to it, I saw that it was morning, and the bright light was the sunlight going through the open wall-wide-window. I noticed the Flock, minus Max and Iggy plus Ella and Dr. M, was on one side of my room. They were sitting on the floor, just talking. Hmm, maybe Max and Iggy went to talk with the doctors or something. 

So it wasn't the School. 


Angel was the first one up, "Fang!" She shrieked. Her scream pierced my eardrums. Owch. 

Everyone else stood up too, but as they saw that I was fine, not dying, they rushed to hug me and cry. All of them were crying. "Ow ow ow OW OW..." I said. I didn't want them to leave (yes. I like hugs now), but it hurt too much. Sorry guys. 

They backed away a little and then bombed me with questions.

"Are you okay?"

"He's obviously not! How do you feel?"

"Probably like crap, duh! You need anything?"

"Does it still hurt?"

"How much?"

"Are you hungry? Forget it, you always are..."

"Do you feel dizzy or anything?"

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

"Need a bucket? You look green..."

"From 1 to 10, tell us how—"

"Hey!" I said over their voices. 

They all stared at me. Not glaring, but, just... staring.

"I'm fine, thanks." I said with a half-smile plastered on. I really didn't feel fine. My head was spinning and all of my sexy abs (just kidding, I'm not that full of myself) hurt like hell.

They nodded and made themselves comfortable in my bed, some sitting on the edge, others leaning on the side-rails or whatever they're called, and Gazzy jumped to bed right next to me. I choked back a groan, and no one heard it, thank God. 

"So, where are Max and Iggy?" I asked them. 

And they all gasped.

"What happened?" I said, starting to get a heart attack. I already could hear that beeping machine go faster. 

Nudge saw the machine and told me, "Calm down, calm down, take deep breaths, in out in out..." All I could do was worry a hell of a lot more when she said that. Beep. Beep. Beep beep beep bee...

"Just tell me." I said quickly. She sighed. 

"Okay. Remember that Max knocked out Dylan before we took you here?" she wrinkled her nose when she said 'Dylan'. 

Yeah, I remember that. I nodded. 

"Well, it turns out that we forgot that he would wake up alone with the house all for himself, and we couldn't let him destroy it 'cause you know, we kind of LIVE there, so Iggy and Max went back to check on him and knock him out again if it was necesary." she finished talking by herself. A miracle. 

Oh no.

Holy crap. 

They went by themselves?

What the heck, guys!

Suicidal people...

"...And she told us that she would come back by this time today, but they haven't come yet. We were talking about it like an hour ago, but we decided that we would give her some time. Besides, she made us promise that we would wait for her until you got better." Huh, guess she wasn't still finished.

Why were they late?

Did something happen?

Scratch that...

Did something bad happen?

"We need to go there now." I said as I tried to sit down, but my head started spinning like a mad top, so I flopped back down, cursing under my breath. 

"Fang, the doctor said that you normally would have to wait two days more for the wounds to heal correctly," Dr. M told me, "But with the fact that you guys heal so fast, you should be fine by tonight."



There's a party in the...


Gosh, the wait is too long...

"What time is it?" I asked no one in particular.

"10:30 a.m." Ella answered.

"Ugh..." I was so frustrated. If something bad happened to both, I don't think I'm gonna be able to forgive myself for doing nothing to stop it. 

But I wouldn't be able to get the freak out of this place in hours.

"Laptop." I simply said. Gasman understood and handed me the laptop. Huh, it wasn't mine... Maybe it's Dr. M's and she brought it out of her car. 

I entered my blog. I just needed to let out my anger with something. Right now, that something was the keyboard. As I wrote, I noticed a blinking button at the corner of the window.

Huh... It was the 'messages' button, but I've never had any message. In fact, I didn't knew that button existen until now. 

I clicked on it.

As expected, my inbox was empty, except for one unread message. The 'from' mail was It had no subject. 

Okay... Spam?

But I clicked on it, and what I saw completed my heart attack. 

It was a video of Max and Iggy, they were back at our house, with their mouths and eyes covered (useless in Iggy's case...), hands and feet bound to the chairs they were sitting in, and Dylan was standing between them with a smirk on his face. I noticed that everything in the backround was covered with a sticky liquid. At least it looked sticky. Gosh, now that I see well, even Max and Iggy have liquid all over them. 

I couldn't be more worried. 

So I clicked play.


MUAHAHA! A terrible cliffhanger!!

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Me: I know, I know... Small, filler, but I'm not mean (therefore, not evil) so it won't stop here! You didn't expect it to finish right now, did you? Btw, it's stil Fang POV.


"Hi Fang." Dylan said in the video. Everyone started crowding at my sides to see what was going on. They gasped with terror, and Nudge's, Ella's, and Angel's eyes became wattery. I only felt anger and guilt. 

"I suppose the whole Flock is watching this. Well, except maybe these two..." he signaled at Iggy, and then Max. He pulled their hair so they would "see" the camera at the same time. Iggy looked in serious pain, Max looked like she was about to go to sleep. Oh God no... "But that's not what I will talk about. See, I need to finish something I was going to do the last time I saw you, so I guessed I needed something to attract your attention." His expresion went from smirk-y to dead serious.

"You have 24 hours to come, or I will 'burn' with anger." He chuckled evilly as he held a match over Max's head.

Oh no. 

The girls started to cry. Even Gazzy's eyes were filled with tears. All I thought about was SAVE THEM KILL DYLAN SAVE THEM KILL DYLAN...

I couldn't wait that long to kick Dylan's ass.

But I had to. If I didn't completely heal, I wouldn't be of any help.

So I waited.

"Hold on guys," I thought to myself, "I'll be there soon."


Aaand, that's it. 

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Chapter 6

Me: Okay! I have created two new OCs! Say hi!

Tom: Hiiii girlfriend!

Angset: Somebody give me a gun...

Me: Well, introduce yourselves!

Tom: Um, hi! This is my first day in an A/N so I'll just be myself. I'll tell you the truth: I'm not gay, but most people think that I am because of my personality, but I don't care about what they say ^-^

Angset: I wont tell you anything about me except for the fact that I used to be king. 

Yema: He used to ruuule the wooorld, seas would rise when he gave the word...


Yema: ...That's what she said!

Angset: -sigh- I'm just gonna ignore you. I hate everyone. Except myself. Duh. 


Me: ...Maybe I didn't told you guys that Yema, Pony and I are (human girls, DUH) the same person, but as I said in my blog, I HAVE MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES (not really lol, it's just for fun) AND I ENJOY THEM TO THE FULLEST!!!

Toto: I'm her dog, a white poodle (original, I know...) and I live with her so believe me when she says that she enjoys them TO THE FULLEST.

Pony: -laughs hysterically-


Pony: I can't... Help it... -continues laughing-

Tom: -le gasp- Oh my Vogue! We're totally getting off subject here guys!


-crickets chirping-

Fang: You guys are so weird. 

Yema: Oh thank you!

Fang: Whenever.

Angset: I want to freaking kill someone.

Me: Angsy, boy, go to your room, put on your old crown, pretend to be king again for a while, and then come back.

Angset: -sigh- Fine. -leaves to do all that-

Me: Angset does that to control a bit his temper. It's like a drug for him. I should write a oneshot about how all of the Em Brigade (all of us) came to be... 

OH NOW THAT I REMEMBER I HAVE AN ANOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!! Well, it's not exactly an anoucement, but...

Okay, remember my aunt and my cousins that were at my house for vacations? Well, my aunt's aunt died, so they left early. They didn't finish to go through all of the cool places in here. :(

And I'm really relieved that I don't have to stand my cousin anymore (not in the bad way! D: !!!) I really feel bad for my aunt. And I had two-maybe-three trips planned for them for the rest of the week! One to a famous park here in which we fly kites and slide down a hill. It's so cool... Another one to the Amusement Park, and maybe even another one to another park, but this one is bigger, and has lakes, and you can ride your bike, and run, and play sports, and fly kites (again lol), and buy food, etc. So sad :'(

Pony: Em, you're getting off track AGAIN.

Me: Right! Fang, do the disclaimer.

Fang: -sigh- She doesn't own. Not even me. Well... It's a long story...

Me: Thanks, Fang. I really should make that oneshot... I can make it right now instead of—

Everyone else: ON WITH THE STORY!


Chapter 6: Rescue - part 1

Iggy POV

"Aaand, we're done." said a low voice from ahead of us. My thoughts about right now? We just finished filming something. 

"Ah, that went well." said Dylan's voice from beside. That piece of sick, twisted—

"Right?!" He pulled my gasoline-soaked hair. I groaned, and he let go.

Before they started making this tape (I knew because someone said 'ACTION' and Dylan started to talk) Dylan—I guessed—gave us a oh-so-lovely, gasoline bath. I wouldn't have noticed they gave it to Max too if she hadn't been swearing and cursing at them and their ancestors for ever and ever. And she says I have a dirty language...

Then, they covered our mouths and eyes. Yes, they even covered MY eyes. Seriously people? SERIOUSLY?

So we couldn't talk. At all. Damn. 

I really had no idea what the tape they recorded was about. All the while Dylan was talking, my mind was somewhere else. I don't remember exactly where, but not with the rest of my body, that's for sure. 

At one point I tried to make an escape plan, but I soon figured out that it would be no help. 

Even if I MIRACULOUSLY came up with one that actually worked, how could I tell it to Max? Besides the fact that I literally can't see our odds in this situation, I'm useless. I always am. And will always be. We couldn't get out of this one by ourselves.

"So, Max, tell me..." Dylan started to talk to Max, but I tuned them off. She could tell me later. IF we got out of this.

As always, Dylan never stopped talking to her and never told me anything. But I'm used to it. Everybody ignore the blind boy. Even in my own kidnap I'm being ignored! ...Not that I want attention right NOW. I mean, it's a freaking KIDNAP.

God, this smell of gasoline is sickening! I think I already have a diesel-high. Ugh. 

Hmmm... Maybe they never meant to kidnap ME. I mean, Max wanted to come alone. I didn't want her to come by herself. If I knew this was going to happen, I would still had come along with her.

Somebody had to come rescue us before they accidentally drop a cigar. Let me tell you, by the smell of Dylan's clothes, ANYONE can tell he's a smoker. I noticed the first time he talked to me. Heck, even his breath smelled like smoke. 

I hope he's not stupid enough to smoke in here.

I really, really hope not.

Fang POV

Nightime had FINALLY come, and I felt the Hell of a lot better, so the doctors said I was okay to go. I told Dr. M and Ella to go in the car and wait in their house, but the rest of us would fly back home. 

Iggy, Max, we're coming.


"Fhan iz ghonna kihll iiou." I told Dylan. Well, tried to tell him. He had placed us pieces of cloth covering our mouths and eyes. 

Then, with no warning, Dylan yanked off both of my clothe-coverings. He scared me.

He was staring deeply into my eyes. And smirking. "I doubt that. But he'll have more reasons when I finish with you, Max" He grabbed the back of my chair and pulled me away from the living room. I started to scream at the top of my lungs. I then tried to get away from him. Emphasis in 'tried'.

Iggy heard me scream. I thought he was asleep. Or maybe I woke him up. I saw his head snap up as I screamed, and he started to fight off the bounds that had him tied to the chair. He screamed, "Maxh! Wut ar youh doinh to her?" I noticed both of his facial 'bandages' were still in place. "Dyhlan, I shwear I'm 'onna kiwll youh!" But I couldn't see him anymore. 

Dylan was pulling me up the stairs. Now I was screaming obscenities to him, cursing at everything he was. He nodded to a couple of those Eraser-things and they moved appart, letting us go into a room.

It was Fang's room.

I heard a pained cry from downstairs. Oh no, Iggy... That's sweet of him, but I'm gonna kill him for getting hurt trying to save me.

Dylan then took out something from his pocket. It was yet another piece of clothing. It was wet with something. Then he placed it in my mouth.

I holded my breath, but I couldn't do that forever. It smelled sweet. Too sweet. It made me sick. My eyes closed unvoluntarily, and I started to drift off into a deep sleep. 

No, Max! Wake up! Don't you dare... Fall... Asleep...

Nudge POV

We are currently flying toward our house.

So, stressed...

What was up with Dylan? I admit, I had a crush on him when he finally stopped following Max like a lost puppy. I wasn't jealous, I swear, it's just that if he wasn't interested in Max anymore, then he would look for more options. And he was a sweet guy, and sooo HOT! 

But after I saw what he did to Iggy and Max...

I hate him almost more than I hate Jeb.

What had happened to Max and Iggy while we were in the hospital? Did Dylan hurt them? Or worse... Killed them? Oh my God, my eyes were watery again...

Fang... He looked so lost. I knew he felt guilty for all that had happened. He had to know it wasn't his fault. So I flew toward him.

"It's not your fault, you know." He didn't answer. He was looking forward with an angered expression. I knew this face.

When Fang has that face, DO NOT, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MESS, BOTHER, OR ANNOY HIM. So I just sighed and flew back to where Gaz and Ange were. 

"At least I tried..." I told them. They both smiled to me.

"He's not mad at you," Angel told me, "He just needs time to calm down and think." I nodded.

Now that I think of it, we didn't have a plan. What would we do when we got there?

So I took the risk to keep talking to Fang.

"Fang!" I called over through the deafening wind.

He looked back. His expression was unreadable. But he definitely looked calmer than before. Maybe he and Angel had been talking.

"What happened, Nudge?" He asked with an easy voice. 

"Uh, do we, like, have a plan?" I cut myself out before I would piss Fang off.

He thought for a moment. "When we get there, you and Gaz look for Iggy. Angel and I will look for Max. If we find them fast, just go out with them or carry them out if you have to. If there are guards, and definitely will be, take out ALL of them before you do anything." He made emphasis in the 'all'.

"Sir, yes sir!" Angel, Gasman and I saluted at the same time. 

Fang grinned softly, and then turned his head back toward the front. We now could just barely see our house with our raptor vision. It flickered with a few lights. We quickened our pace as much as we could.

We got there in a minute.

Fang rushed over to the door and kicked it open, just so we wouldn't waste time if it was locked.

We all stopped dead with our mouths in an O for a second.

The first thing I see?

Iggy, tied up to a chair, soaked in gasoline, being punched in the stomach repeatedly by huge, bulkier Erasers, his face full of blood and bruises, his eyes and mouth covered, pain in his expression, groaning loudly with every hit.

The Erasers stopped, looked at us, and smirked while they cracked their knuckles. They were seven here in the living room. One said, "The dark boy's mine." and growled.

Fang answered, "More like, 'you're all mine'" And also growled.

We didn't have time to think or react, when Fang had lunged at the nearest Eraser, and broke his neck. Next, he punched another one's face so fast, I became dizzy by looking at his fists move. I could almost see smoke rising from them. Wait... I actually COULD see smoke come from his hands... What the heck?

The Eraser fell to the floor, unconscious, as another one attacked Fang. The Eraser punched the side of his head, but Fang recovered quickly and grabbed his neck with both hands. The Eraser howled in pain as we could hear a hissing sound coming from them. Fang let go and the Eraser's neck was burned. Literally, BURNED. Not on fire, but you could see his muscles boil.

We just stood there, thinking, "What the eff? Did Fang just BURN that guy?"

Fang finished off the rest in the blink of an eye, as we went toward Iggy to help him. "Iggy! Oh my God, what did they do to you?" I said while we untied his hands and feet, and took off the clothes from his face. Fang was kneeling by him, cleaning the blood with the clothes we took off. "Max... Upstairs..." He said panting.

That is one thing I admire so much about Iggy. He is the least self-centered person in the planet.

Fang stood up and said, "Change of plans. You guys take Iggy outside. Treat his wounds. I'll go find Max." We did as he told us to do. Gazzy and I helped him walk, and Angel found a hidden mini-cave were we could treat Iggy.

I took off my backpack to look for the medical kit. I took off his shirt. Ange started with the cuts on his face and torso.

Fang, I hope you know what you're doing...

Fang POV

I ran upstairs where Iggy said Max was.

I felt so warm... Almost like if I had a fever. Well, I was sure my blood was boiling in anger, maybe that explained it.

I found out that the hallway was empty, except for two more of those Hell-dogs. I finished them off in no time.

I smashed open the door of Max's room. Empty. Nudge's room, empty too. Iggy's room, empty too. My room, emp—

Max was there. 

Sprawled on my bed. 

Her hands and feet tied to the corners of my bed. 

And she was naked.


I mean, I couldn't see her because she had a disordered blanket on top, but all of her clothes were on the floor. And also someone else's clothes...

What did that ef-ing clone do?!

As soon as I placed a foot inside my room, I felt a powerful punch to my back between my wings. I fell hands-down on the floor, panting to keep any pained sounds inside.

That spot between our wings is pretty sensitive. It has more nerves than any other body part, because that's where our wings connect to our back.

I swallowed back the pain, turned and punched this guy's face so hard I think my knuckles broke. It was Dylan. As I expected. He just looked at me, and said, "You like what I did to Maxie?" The single thought about him and Max together...

No, I couldn't bare to think about it. 

I couldn't move. 

I was in a state of trance.

But I also felt weird...

I looked down at my hands.

Guess what? They were RED. They were freaking, color red. Almost glowing. And they felt hot. The weirdest part? There was smoke coming out of them.

But I could figure out why the heck my hands were this way later. 

Right now, I just wanted so bad to kill the clone standing in front of me.

So I lunged at him.


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